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Safety in the playground

Personality development course grade 2 lesson 19 Safety in the playground (1)
Do you like playing in the playground with your friends? How can you be safe in the playground? Do you know the rules you should follow in the playground? This lesson is all about the measures you should follow in order to be safe while playing in the playground. Reading the lesson will also make you self-disciplined.

Beware of advertisements

Personality development course grade 4 lesson 4 Beware of advertisements (1)
How do you know when a new product is available in the market? It’s mostly through advertisements. But did you know that many of these advertisements can be misleading? Let’s read and find out.

Internet safety

Personality development course grade 4 lesson14 Internet safety (1)
The internet is a wonderful place. You can spend hours browsing and surfing. But the internet is also a dangerous place. It’s important that you follow the rules of safety.

Brain power

Personality development course grade 4 lesson16 Brain power (1)
There are certain things that a computer can do very well. It can calculate large numbers pretty fast. And our brain can do certain things that a computer can’t do. Our brain can think and decide! Let’s read about the amazing power of our brain…

Let’s be friends

Personality development course grade 1 lesson 8 Let's be friends (1)
Let us read a beautiful poem about friendship. This poem teaches us about making and keeping friends.


Personality development course grade 3 lesson 19 Pele (1)
This lesson is a biography of an inspiring famous football player Pele. His life story teaches us to be focused and determined towards our goal. He teaches us that hard work pays off and we should never lose hope. Pele teaches us to have a big dream and to work hard to make that dream come true.

The wooden bowl

Personality development course grade 3 lesson 9 The wooden bowl (1)
You may have grandparents at home. They may be old and physically weak. You must have seen your parents take care of them. So how do they take care of them? Let’s read a story which shows why we must take care of our parents and grandparents.

Same father, different sons

Personality development course grade 6 lesson 5 Same father different sons (1)
Once there were two brothers. One was a drug addict and a drunk who frequently beat up his family. The other one was a very successful businessman who was respected in society and had a wonderful family. Read on…

Being proactive

Personality development course grade 7 lesson 2 Being proactive (1)
What type of person are you? Are you a proactive person who takes responsibility for their life, believes in oneself and makes things happen? Or are you the reactive one who blames others for their life and waits for good things to happen to them. This lesson deals with helping you identify your nature and guide you through the ways in which you can bring positive changes in your life by making the right choices and decisions. You’ll also read the inspiring stories of proactive personalities ...

World Earth Day

Personality development course grade 3 lesson 20 World Earth Day (1)
People mostly celebrate earth day by ringing bells all around the world. It is called the ‘Bells of Peace’. But, there are many other ways to celebrate Earth Day. Do you know what they are?

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