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Personality development course grade 4 lesson11 Water (1)
Have you tried to spend a day without drinking water? It sure is difficult, isn’t it? Water is an essential part of we human beings as we cannot survive without it. So let’s learn a few things about water…

Smart study skills

Personality development course grade 8 lesson 14 Smart study skills (1)
Do you ever wonder how some students learn faster, study better and score higher in exams? They use smart learning strategies such as whole-brain learning, mind mapping, brainstorming and speed reading among others. Let’s learn some of them…

A brother’s love

Personality development course grade 2 lesson 6 A brother’s love (1)
Do you have a brother? Does he love you? Has he done anything special for you? Now, let’s read a story about how a brother risked his life to save his sister’s life.

Being a true friend

Being a true friend
Do you know what it takes to be a true friend? Let’s ready a story narrated by Jennie who shares her experience that made her understand what true friendship means and how one can be a true friend.

Strengths and weaknesses

Personality development course grade 1 lesson 3 Strengths and weaknesses (1)
What are the things you are good at? What are the areas where you need to improve? What are your strengths? What about your weaknesses? How can you turn your weaknesses into strengths?

Making choices

Personality development course grade 1 lesson 10 Making choices (1)
You come across many situations where you have to make a choice. You have to decide what is right and what isn’t. If you make a good choice, the result is always good. When you make a wrong choice, you get bad results. This lesson teaches us to make the right choices to get good outcomes.

Beautiful inside

Personality development course grade 6 lesson 12 Beautiful inside (1)
Good looks are important. So is good character. Do you agree? Let’s read a story and see how a balloon seller teaches an important lesson to a poor kid.

No free lunch

Personality development course grade 7 lesson 11 No free lunch (1)
You cannot reach the top unless you climb the staircase. You cannot eat the nut unless you apply effort to break the shell. Similarly, the caterpillar cannot become a butterfly if it refuses to crawl out of its cocoon even though it is too painful. There are no free lunches! We’ll read a story in this lesson that illustrates this point so clearly.


Personality development course grade 7 lesson 10 Meditation (1)
Meditation is as important as the food you eat and the exercise you do. How does meditation help you in your life? What are some of the ways you can meditate? Let’s learn…

Competition and comparison

Personality development course grade 8 lesson 3 Competition and comparison (1)
Some people say competition is a good thing, some say it’s bad and that you should never engage in any kind of competition whatsoever. Is competition bad for your personality? Is it good for your success? Let’s learn how to use competition and comparison to our advantage.

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