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Bad temper

Personality development course grade 2 lesson 3 Bad temper (1)
People with bad temper – oh, how we hate them! What about you? How do you control your temper? Here is a story about how Bikky’s dad helped him to control his temper.

Dealing with feelings

Personality development course grade 4 lesson 2 Dealing with feelings (1)
As human being humans, we all have feelings and they change all the time. They may be positive as well as negative feelings. Here we’ll learn about the things we should do to overcome these negative feelings and be a happy and a positive person.

Seeing through sounds

Personality development course grade 4 lesson18 Seeing through sounds (1)
Let’s read an inspiring story about Ben Underwood, a healthy born child whose eyes had to be removed to stop the spreading of cancer. Even though he was blind, he did everything that a normal child did. This is an example of overcoming obstacles and leading a happy life. Ben Underwood is a motivation and a light of hope for all the young as well as old people to never give up.

Rules to follow

Personality development course grade 1 lesson 20 Rules to follow (1)
Here is a song of rules. Read, enjoy and learn!


Personality development course grade 7 lesson 7 Volunteering (1)
Did you know you can make a difference in someone’s life even with the smallest effort? Did you know volunteering means not only helping others but it is a way in which you are helping yourself to be a better version of you?

Speed reading

Personality development course grade 5 lesson 12 Speed reading (1)
Do you understand better if you read fast or if you read slow? Here’s the answer: FAST! The faster you read, the better you understand. So let’s learn some speed reading…

No hands, no problem

Personality development course grade 1 lesson 4 No hands, no problem (1)
Do you know how important your body parts are and what role each of them plays in your life? Let’s us read a story about John Foppe, a handicapped boy and his struggle to become independent. How would your life be if you were a handicapped person like John Foppe? Are you inspired after reading this story?

Lessons from an ant

Personality development course grade 5 lesson 9 Lessons learnt from an ant (1)
Let’s learn a story about a defeated king who is inspired by the never giving up attitude of an ant which ultimately led him to his victory.

Personality type

Personality development course grade 8 lesson 1 Personality type (1)
It is important to know who you are, so that you can know your strengths and weaknesses. But it is also important to know who you are not, so that you can understand others. Knowing your personality type helps you do just that…

Learning to save

Personality development course grade 1 lesson 18 Learning to save (1)
This lesson talks about learning how to save. It teaches us to save our toys, our money and water. It shows how you can even help the environment by learning to save.

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