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Memory methods

Memory methodsGenre/Topic: ,

You have already learned an interesting memory technique. Do you remember it? It was called
the linking method.
Now we’re going to learn the peg memory system. It is a very special way to remember things.
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Be the best of what you are

Be the best of what you areGenre/Topic: , ,

Here is a beautiful poem about putting in your best effort in whatever work you do.
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Bad temper

Bad temperGenre/Topic:

People with bad temper – oh, how we hate them!
What about you? How do you control your temper?
Here is a story about how Bikky’s dad helped him to control his temper.

Thinking skill

Thinking skillGenre/Topic:

Thinking is a way to use your brain to understand something.
Here are some ways you can develop your thinking skill…
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Effective conversations

Effective conversationsGenre/Topic: ,

Speaking is an essential element in successful communication.
However not all of us are expert speakers! But with enough practice and
determination to excel, everyone can be a good speaker. You can be
really good when it comes to talking with people. We will learn how.
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Yoga and you

Yoga and youGenre/Topic:

Have you heard about yoga?
How does yoga help you?
Can you name some different poses of yoga?
What are all the requirements needed while doing yoga?
We’ll find the answers in this lesson.
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Knowing myself

Knowing myselfGenre/Topic: ,

How well do you know yourself?
What sets you apart from the rest of the people?
What is your personality like?
How do you define yourself?
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Relationship bank account

Relationship bank accountGenre/Topic: , ,

Do you know what a relationship bank account represent (RBA)?
Did you know how you make deposits and withdrawals from this account?
Do you know when you make deposits and withdrawals from this account?
This lesson will teach you how to make healthy deposits in the Relationship Bank Account.
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It takes courage

It takes courageGenre/Topic: , ,

Let’s read a true story about a brave girl Nikki who has taught us three important lessons of life.
She’s inspired and motivated millions of people in being themselves and not to worry about others.
Her experience has influenced people to stand up for what is right and act courageously.
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Importance of sleep

Importance of sleepGenre/Topic: ,

How many hours do you sleep every night?
Is it good to sleep late and wake up late?
Or is it good to sleep early and wake up early?

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