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Sand and stone

Personality development course grade 3 lesson 12 Sand and stone (1)
Let us now read a story about Nadeem and Raghav who are best friends. They both live in a place called Jaipur in India. Nadeem will teach us what to do when your friend hurts you and what to do when your friend helps you. So here’s the story of sand and stone…

God will save me

Personality development course grade 3 lesson 5 God will save me (1)
Do you have faith in God? How often do you pray to God? What do you ask God for in your prayers? Did you know that God helps those who help themselves. Perhaps we all can learn something from my neighbor. Here’s the story…

Avoid negative influences

Personality development course grade 7 lesson 1 Avoid negative influences (1)
It’s the nature of the negative people to drag you down to their level. A lazy person wants other people to be lazy too and spend time with him or her. A drug addict wants others to get addicted too so he or she can have company. A failure doesn’t want others to succeed because he or she doesn’t want to feel alone. You have to learn to keep away fro negative influences in life. Let’s see how we can do that…

Vision care

Personality development course grade 4 lesson13 Vision care (1)
What if you had no eyes? You wouldn’t be able to see and the beauty of nature around you. Eyes are wonderful gifts and we’d better take care of them well.

God’s boxes

Personality development course grade 1 lesson 5 God's boxes (1)
Do you believe in God? Here is an interesting story shared by Suman. This story talks about how you can remain happy like Suman. It teaches you how to get rid of your sadness

Seeing through sounds

Personality development course grade 4 lesson18 Seeing through sounds (1)
Let’s read an inspiring story about Ben Underwood, a healthy born child whose eyes had to be removed to stop the spreading of cancer. Even though he was blind, he did everything that a normal child did. This is an example of overcoming obstacles and leading a happy life. Ben Underwood is a motivation and a light of hope for all the young as well as old people to never give up.

Making choices

Personality development course grade 1 lesson 10 Making choices (1)
You come across many situations where you have to make a choice. You have to decide what is right and what isn’t. If you make a good choice, the result is always good. When you make a wrong choice, you get bad results. This lesson teaches us to make the right choices to get good outcomes.


Personality development course grade 3 lesson 19 Pele (1)
This lesson is a biography of an inspiring famous football player Pele. His life story teaches us to be focused and determined towards our goal. He teaches us that hard work pays off and we should never lose hope. Pele teaches us to have a big dream and to work hard to make that dream come true.

Jessica Cox

Personality development course grade 6 lesson 2 Jessica Cox (1)
She has no hands, but she’s a Tae Kwon-do champ and a pilot. She does better things than most normal people. She’s Jessica Cox. Let’s read her amazing story.

Robert’s Garden

Personality development course grade 5 lesson 15 Roberts Garden (1)
Have you ever been bullied by anyone? What did you do then? Here’s what Robert did.

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