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Health in your hands

Personality development course grade 6 lesson 9 Health in your hands (1)
Mudra is a health technique based on the ancient system of yoga and ayurveda. It uses fingers in our hands to activate different parts of our body. We’ll learn some of the important mudras in this lesson.

Making choices

Personality development course grade 1 lesson 10 Making choices (1)
You come across many situations where you have to make a choice. You have to decide what is right and what isn’t. If you make a good choice, the result is always good. When you make a wrong choice, you get bad results. This lesson teaches us to make the right choices to get good outcomes.

Fire safety

Personality development course grade 3 lesson 16 Fire safety (1)
Did you know that even a very small fire can burn down a whole house? So how do you keep yourself safe from fire? This lesson is about the safety tips you should follow to avoid the mishaps caused by fire.

Why exercise?

Personality development course grade 3 lesson 15 Why exercise (1)
What do you need to keep your body strong? How does exercise help you? The lesson is about the ways in which exercise keeps you active and be able to do any type of work. It shows how exercise keeps your heart happy, how it strengthens muscles, makes you flexible, keeps the balance and makes you feel good within and outside.

Knowing myself

Personality development course grade 1 lesson 1 Knowing myself (1)
How well do you know yourself? What sets you apart from the rest of the people? What is your personality like? How do you define yourself?

Brother and sister

Personality development course grade 4 lesson6 Brother and sister (1)
Sisters and brothers can be your best friends and your worst enemies. Sometimes you get along well and sometimes you argue. This is all part of growing up together! Read on…

Internet safety

Personality development course grade 4 lesson14 Internet safety (1)
The internet is a wonderful place. You can spend hours browsing and surfing. But the internet is also a dangerous place. It’s important that you follow the rules of safety.


Personality development course grade 7 lesson 10 Meditation (1)
Meditation is as important as the food you eat and the exercise you do. How does meditation help you in your life? What are some of the ways you can meditate? Let’s learn…

A Christmas gift

Personality development course grade 2 lesson 9 A Christmas gift (1)
Do you like receiving gifts? How often do you give gifts to your near ones? Do you know why we receive and give gifts? Some gifts don’t cost much but they mean a lot.

Dealing with feelings

Personality development course grade 4 lesson 2 Dealing with feelings (1)
As human being humans, we all have feelings and they change all the time. They may be positive as well as negative feelings. Here we’ll learn about the things we should do to overcome these negative feelings and be a happy and a positive person.

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