Memory methods

You have already learned an interesting memory technique. Do you remember it? It was called the linking method. Now we’re

Two brothers

Here is an awesome story about to brothers who loved to share.

Be a green kid

Whose responsibility is it to keep our surrounding, country and the world clean? Yours and mine! It’s responsibility!! Let’s learn


This lesson is a biography of an inspiring famous football player Pele. His life story teaches us to be focused

Learning to save

This lesson talks about learning how to save. It teaches us to save our toys, our money and water. It

Jessica Cox

She has no hands, but she’s a Tae Kwon-do champ and a pilot. She does better things than most normal

Creative thinking

Believe it or not, everyone has a good amount of creative ability. It’s not only the scientists, artists and writers.

Fire safety

Did you know that even a very small fire can burn down a whole house? So how do you keep

Safety in the playground

Do you like playing in the playground with your friends? How can you be safe in the playground? Do you

Mental imaging

Before anything comes into this world, it first comes into somebody’s mind. They first see it in their head, and