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Role models

Personality development course grade 5 lesson 4 Role models (1)
There are positive and negative role models all around you. You have to know who is worth following and who is not. You have to choose your role model wisely. How can you distinguish between a positive role model and a negative role model? Let’s learn…


Personality development course grade 7 lesson 10 Meditation (1)
Meditation is as important as the food you eat and the exercise you do. How does meditation help you in your life? What are some of the ways you can meditate? Let’s learn…

Be the best of what you are

Personality development course grade 6 lesson 1 Be the best of what you are (1)
Here is a beautiful poem about putting in your best effort in whatever work you do.

Staying safe

Personality development course grade 2 lesson 18 Staying safe (1)
How safe are you? Do you follow safety rules in your life? Here you’ll learn about the different safety rules that you need to learn to avoid accidents. By following these rules, you can take care of yourself and be independent.

God’s boxes

Personality development course grade 1 lesson 5 God's boxes (1)
Do you believe in God? Here is an interesting story shared by Suman. This story talks about how you can remain happy like Suman. It teaches you how to get rid of your sadness

Genghis Khan and his hawk

Personality development course grade 4 lesson 5 Genghis Khan and his hawk (1)
Who hasn’t heard about the great warrior Genghis Khan? Let us read about one of the events that took place in his life where his anger made him do something which he later regretted.

Health in your hands

Personality development course grade 6 lesson 9 Health in your hands (1)
Mudra is a health technique based on the ancient system of yoga and ayurveda. It uses fingers in our hands to activate different parts of our body. We’ll learn some of the important mudras in this lesson.

The window

Personality development course grade 4 lesson7 The window (1)
Read these questions and then go on to read the story: 1. What did the two men talk about? 2. How did the man near the window describe the view of the window? 3. Why couldn’t the other man in the room sleep properly? 4. Why do you think the man did not call the nurse when the man near the window was coughing and needed help? 5. What was actually there outside the window? 6. What lesson did you learn from the story?


Personality development course grade 3 lesson 19 Pele (1)
This lesson is a biography of an inspiring famous football player Pele. His life story teaches us to be focused and determined towards our goal. He teaches us that hard work pays off and we should never lose hope. Pele teaches us to have a big dream and to work hard to make that dream come true.

Beware of cheating

Personality development course grade 5 lesson 17 Beware of cheating (1)
Is it called cheating -if you copy from somebody during a test? -if you break the rules of a game? -if you pretend something is yours when it isn’t? Here are some ways to avoid cheating and being cheated.

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