Making new friends

Making new friendsGenre/Topic:

You meet new people every day and make new friends as well.
How do you make friends then?
This lesson is about the different ways in which you can make new friends.
It also tells us how to keep our friendship alive.
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Communicating with parents

Communicating with parentsGenre/Topic: , , ,

Your parents and you belong to entirely different generations.
Therefore, there is a big thing called a generation gap between you and your parents.
Due to this generation gap, the way you think and the way your parents think may be different.
How can you narrow this generation gap? Let’s see…
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Relationship bank account

Relationship bank accountGenre/Topic: , ,

Do you know what a relationship bank account represent (RBA)?
Did you know how you make deposits and withdrawals from this account?
Do you know when you make deposits and withdrawals from this account?
This lesson will teach you how to make healthy deposits in the Relationship Bank Account.
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