Life without limits

Have you ever heard or read about Nick Vujicik? He is a living inspiration for thousands of people who have

Be the best of what you are

Here is a beautiful poem about putting in your best effort in whatever work you do.

Wilma Rudolph

This is an inspirational story about a girl named Wilma Rudolph who overcame her disability and transformed herself from the

Talking to God

God is omnipresent. He loves us all and listens to all our problems. Do you have faith in God? Have

God’s job

A job is something that you do. Do you know what your job is? And what about God’s job?

Forgive me when I whine

You may not have the perfect face or perfect hair but you have legs to walk, eyes to see, ears

The miraculous wall

Let us read a heart touching story about how God guards his children in a miraculous way. This lesson teaches

God will save me

Do you have faith in God? How often do you pray to God? What do you ask God for in

God’s boxes

Do you believe in God? Here is an interesting story shared by Suman. This story talks about how you can