Granny’s dance

Let’s read a true story of a girl named Anne who did not like her grandma so much. But when

Being healthy

Do you know that health is your greatest wealth? How healthy are you? Do you know how to remain fit


This is a sad story about PJ who teaches an important lesson on travelling. It shows you the result of

Safety in the playground

Do you like playing in the playground with your friends? How can you be safe in the playground? Do you

Bad temper

People with bad temper – oh, how we hate them! What about you? How do you control your temper? Here

Helen Keller

Let’s read an inspiring story about a blind and a deaf girl, Helen Keller. She has taught everyone that nothing

All about me

Do you know yourself well enough? What do you look like? How are you unique from other people? What are

Getting along with others

How many friends do you have? Do you get along with them easily? Do you know the ways in which

Staying safe

How safe are you? Do you follow safety rules in your life? Here you’ll learn about the different safety rules

Making decisions

You have to make decisions every day. You often have to decide things for yourself. This lesson will help you