Beware of cheating

Is it called cheating -if you copy from somebody during a test? -if you break the rules of a game?

Making new friends

You meet new people every day and make new friends as well. How do you make friends then? This lesson

Silence please

Here are some ways you can protect yourself from noise pollution…

The miraculous wall

Let us read a heart touching story about how God guards his children in a miraculous way. This lesson teaches

The optimist

Two people look at a glass with some water in it. One says, “The glass is half-full.” The other says,

Colours of friendship

Have you ever seen a rainbow in the sky? You may know that a rainbow has seven colors. Which one

Rotten potatoes

Read the story and answer these questions. 1. What did the teacher ask the students to do? 2. Why did

Speed reading

Do you understand better if you read fast or if you read slow? Here’s the answer: FAST! The faster you

Two brothers

Here is an awesome story about to brothers who loved to share.

Thinking skill

Thinking is a way to use your brain to understand something. Here are some ways you can develop your thinking