Avoid negative influences

It’s the nature of the negative people to drag you down to their level. A lazy person wants other people

Dare to care

Do you ever behave rudely? How does the other person react to your rudeness? Do you think rude people are

Managing conflicts

Have you encountered a situation of a conflict which has affected your relationship with your loved ones? How did it

Personal bank account

Do you know what a personal bank account is? Do you know how to positive balance is added to your


Meditation is as important as the food you eat and the exercise you do. How does meditation help you in

Life without limits

Have you ever heard or read about Nick Vujicik? He is a living inspiration for thousands of people who have

Creative thinking

Believe it or not, everyone has a good amount of creative ability. It’s not only the scientists, artists and writers.

Mental imaging

Before anything comes into this world, it first comes into somebody’s mind. They first see it in their head, and

Effective conversations

Speaking is an essential element in successful communication. However not all of us are expert speakers! But with enough practice

It takes courage

Let’s read a true story about a brave girl Nikki who has taught us three important lessons of life. She’s