Wilma Rudolph

This is an inspirational story about a girl named Wilma Rudolph who overcame her disability and transformed herself from the

The tower

What is your biggest fear? Have you ever thought of overcoming your fear? Let’s read a story about Jackie and

Role models

There are positive and negative role models all around you. You have to know who is worth following and who


When you have a high self-esteem you find it easy to try new things. On the other hand, if you

Lessons from an ant

Let’s learn a story about a defeated king who is inspired by the never giving up attitude of an ant

Problem solving

Look around and you’ll see problems everywhere. Problems are a part of our life. But problems are not really bad

Robert’s Garden

Have you ever been bullied by anyone? What did you do then? Here’s what Robert did.

Communication skill

Communication is a way to tell others what you think, what you know or what you want. It is a