Yoga and you

Have you heard about yoga? How does yoga help you? Can you name some different poses of yoga? What are

Seeing through sounds

Let’s read an inspiring story about Ben Underwood, a healthy born child whose eyes had to be removed to stop

Unconditional love

Unconditional love is to love someone without expecting anything in return. Here is a story about unconditional love that inspired

Vision care

What if you had no eyes? You wouldn’t be able to see and the beauty of nature around you. Eyes

How to handle teasing

Have you ever been teased at school, playground, road or any other places? What should you do when someone teases

The window

Read these questions and then go on to read the story: 1. What did the two men talk about? 2.

A miracle

Do you believe in miracles? Here’s a story about Angela who believed that miracles do happen. And then miracle happened!!

Beware of advertisements

How do you know when a new product is available in the market? It’s mostly through advertisements. But did you


Have you tried to spend a day without drinking water? It sure is difficult, isn’t it? Water is an essential

Dealing with feelings

As human being humans, we all have feelings and they change all the time. They may be positive as well